Count on Our Emergency Electrical Services During Coronavirus


During the coronavirus pandemic, many people aren’t thinking of electrical safety. But while we work to stay safe from COVID-19, electrical hazards still exist. Please know that during this uncertain time, you can still count on FAB Electric as an essential business. A professional electrician is just a phone call away!

Although we are all staying in our homes and practicing social distancing during this uncertain time, there is a reason why electricians such as FAB Electric are essential! The human body is no match for the power and danger of electricity. If you’re not an electrician, attempting electrical repairs can cause more damage; plus, you risk a serious injury. Old wiring, faulty wiring or appliances, frayed or otherwise damaged wires, overloaded circuits, or any electrical malfunction should always be handled by a professional.

Immediate Response – Especially for our Seniors

At FAB Electric, we respond immediately to an electrical problem. The health of our seniors is more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, but faulty electrical equipment doesn’t have to put them at risk either. Our electrical technicians will make your home as safe as possible, whether an emergency electrical repair or electrical upgrade is necessary.

Reminders About When You Should Call 911

Call 911 if you have a dire situation such as:

  • Electrical Fire: There are over 50,000 home electrical fires every year, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. These result in more than 1,400 injuries and close to 500 deaths, as well as over $1 billion in property damage. If you can, cut the circuit breaker and put out the fire with water, a fire extinguisher, or fire blanket. Leave the building if the fire is large and call 911.
  • Electric Shock: At least 30,000 shock incidents occur every year, resulting in approximately 1,000 deaths. A shock can result in cardiac arrest, breathing difficulties, muscle pain/spasms, severe burns, and loss of consciousness. If a person is still in contact with electricity, turn the power off, move them away with a nonmetal object, or call 911.

When You Should Call an Electrician

Call us right away if you find:

  • Sparking/crackling switches: Indicate a hidden wiring problem; if you see a spark or switches are making noise, there’s an immediate fire danger, so call your emergency electrician.
  • Exposed wires: If a wire is damaged and exposed, it’s a major shock and fire hazard. Stay away from it and block the area around the wire; and be aware of any water in contact with it.
  • Damaged outlets: If an outlet is smoking or you smell something burning, there’s likely an urgent wiring problem that requires emergency attention.

Also call us if you find:

  • Circuit breakers repeatedly trip, which can indicate overloaded circuits.
  • The lights dim or flicker, signaling an overload, damaged fixture, or faulty wiring.
  • An electrical panel is hot; if left alone, it can overload, melt, or catch fire.

At FAB Electric, we will ensure your electrical system is safe and functional. We can address any type of electrical problem, whether it involves breaker panels, wires, appliances, fixtures, or an outage.

We’re Ready to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Always!

At FAB Electric, we’re providing fast, reliable electrical services during the COVID-19 emergency. In addition, we’re following the State of Maryland and Federal CDC guidelines to keep our workers and customers safe, so you can have peace of mind when we enter your home. These include social distancing rules of staying at least 6 feet apart. Our service technicians also take extra precaution including wearing protective gloves, masks, and shoe covers on every job. Call us for fast, reliable, and comprehensive electrical service.

Call Us for All of Your Electrical Needs!

At FAB Electric, we have experience in solving all kinds of residential or commercial electrical issues. If you are experiencing electrical issues or for more information about our residential or commercial electrical services, please contact FAB Electric at (301) 622-6979. Call us or visit to set up an appointment today!