Dead Outlet? – What to Do About It

Dead Outlet? – What to Do About It

Do you have an outlet that can’t seem to keep its act together? We know just how maddening that can be! Today the experts at Fab Electric will share with you how to troubleshoot and handle a dead outlet, and when it’s time to call us!

To begin, you should look for obvious signs of serious electrical issues. These are easy enough to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Below is a list of tell-tale warning signs:

  • burned, discolored, or melted outlet;
  • nearby appliances not working properly;
  • outlet sparking when you plug things into it;
  • strange odors in the room.

If any of these are occurring, then you should immediately shut off the circuit, if it is safe to do so (at the panel) and call us. Not only is your outlet likely dead, if you leave it the way it is, it could kill a whole lot more of your home’s electrical, and could even cause an electrical fire in your home.

What if there aren’t any obvious signs or the problem is not with the outlet? Drag over a lamp or other small device that you’re absolutely certain is in working order and plug it into the affronting outlet. If the appliance works fine, then the fault isn’t with the outlet, but with the appliance you were trying to use.

Another thing you should do is to check the breaker panel. In most cases, when a breaker trip occurs, it will kill all of the outlets on that circuit, usually cutting off lights and other active outlets in the room or section of the home. However, if the outlet you’re trying to use is dedicated, as would be the case with a microwave or oven outlet, or even a fridge, then it’s on its own breaker. Check to see if that tripped, and if it did, give it a reset.

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Still not finding the solution you’re looking for? At Fab Electric, our specialists have lots of experience, and with our fast, friendly service, things will be back in order and working safely in no time! Call us at (301) 622-6979 to set up an appointment today!