Electrical Hazards in Warm Weather—Is Your Family Prepared?

Whether your ideal seasonal activity is tanning by the pool or walking along a sandy beach, there’s no doubt summertime offers a lot of family fun. However, it can present many safety concerns for homeowners. Here are a few reminders from Fab Electric to give you and your family peace of mind this summer.

Prepare for an Emergency

With the sun shining bright, the warm, moist air provides optimal fuel for hurricanes, heavy rain storms, and wind storms to form. Are you and your family prepared? In the case of a power outage, you’ll want to have a generator handy. If you’re unsure of the amount of power that will be needed for a generator in your home, ask us to determine that for you.

Plan for a Power Surge

Because of extreme heat and electrical charge in the air, lighting storms are also common during this season. In the case of a power surge, a good preventive option is to install a whole home surge protection system if you want to protect devices plugged into outlets anywhere in the home.

Test your Smoke Alarms

Fun events such as bonfires and fireworks present great opportunities to remind ourselves of fire safety. When was the last time you tested the smoke alarms in your house? This should be done monthly, and the batteries should be changed yearly (except for lithium batteries).

Electrical Connections and Water Safety

As you likely know, electricity travels very quickly through water and can lead to electrocution. Make sure the electrical connections to your pools and hot tubs are fully grounded. Our residential electricians can help you if you have any questions about appliance connections and their safety.

Hope this is helpful and that you stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer! Need electrical work done in your home? At Fab Electric, our specialists have lots of experience, and with our fast, friendly service, you will enjoy electricity safely outside and inside the home this summertime and cost savings in no time! Call us at (301) 622-6979 to set up an appointment today!