Is Your Breaker Panel Giving You Problems? — How to Troubleshoot


Dealing with constant breaker trips, or have a breaker that refuses to reset in your control panel box? The good news is that the most common causes of breaker panel trouble are actually quite simple. The majority of the time it’s a simple standard trip, and can be fixed easily.

Appliances Are Often the Cause of Breaker Trips

Did you plug in a new appliance? The huge majority of breaker trips come as a result of a high-draw appliance being plugged into a circuit that cannot handle the load. Things such as portable space heaters, hair dryers and other electrical hygiene tools, and microwaves are notorious for this. This happens because a circuit can only have so much demand placed on it, and when it is exceeded, it will trip. Try plugging the appliance into a different circuit area, or for a better solution, get a dedicated circuit installed for safe electrical use.

Did the breaker problem correspond with an appliance failure? An aging or faulty appliance gasping its last breath will often cause a sudden shift or jolt in electrical power, which your breakers will read as an overload. This also causes the breaker to trip.

Attempting to Reset Your Breaker

Breaker trips are frequently a minor consequence, and can be easily remedied by simply resetting the breaker at the panel. The process to do this is easy, and goes as follows:

  • Carefully open your breaker panel to expose the breakers that correspond to your home circuits. Be careful to listen for any buzzing or other odd sounds and if you hear any stop messing with the breaker and call us right away.
  • Locate the circuit you’re trying to reset. There should be an easy to use diagram that uses numbers printed on or on the side of the breakers and printed locations throughout the home (utility room, Kitchen, bath, lights, etc).
  • If the breaker tripped the switch located on it should be somewhere in the middle between “on” and “off” and should have a bit of springy give if you poke at it.
  • Firmly push the breaker into the “off” position, count to three, and then set the breaker switch to the “on” position.

This may handle your problem right away, and if so that’s great! But if not, or if the breaker continues to trip without any input on your part then it’s time to call us. It’s possible that you’re dealing with damaged wiring, a failing breaker, or you may need a heavy up service to accommodate your growing electrical access needs.

Let Us Solve Your Breaker Problems with an Upgrade

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