Why Circuit Breakers Trip and What to Do About It

  Have you experienced circuit breakers tripping in your home, and you are not sure why? Circuit breakers can trip for a variety of reasons, including ground faults, short circuits, and overloaded circuits. No matter what underlying reason causes the circuit breaker to trip, you need to take steps to stop the problem soon. Circuit … Continue reading “Why Circuit Breakers Trip and What to Do About It”

How to Prepare for a Power Outage

  Before the winter snowstorms begin and power outages start occurring, it is important to prepare yourself in advance. At FAB Electric, we know that power outages can create crises for people who are not ready for them, so we always advise people to be prepared for electrical failures or inclement weather. Things You Can … Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Power Outage”

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

  The holiday season is an exciting time with all the parties, decorations, food, family, friends, and fun. Electrical safety in the home is often the furthest thing from our minds, yet it is of utmost importance. At FAB Electric, we want to help people have a safe and happy holiday season with their families … Continue reading “Holiday Electrical Safety Tips”

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

  Many older homes are quite charming and have good bones and lots of memories attached to them. If you have an older home or are looking to purchase one, there are many aspects that can be kept in operational condition through regular upkeep and maintenance. However, electrical systems are not among them. Over the … Continue reading “Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?”

How to Be Safe When Using Extension Cords

  Often times, we need a more conveniently located electrical outlet—or series of outlets that would allow us to power multiple devices simultaneously. In these situations, most of us have likely used an extension cord to get the job done. These convenient electrical cords are available in a variety of lengths and can be connected … Continue reading “How to Be Safe When Using Extension Cords”

Answers to Five Commonly Asked Electrical Questions

  At Fab Electric, we want to make sure that our clients have as much information about the work that we do as possible, so that they can make wise choices regarding electrical safety. Answering questions is never a hassle, but we always want to make sure that information that could protect your home is … Continue reading “Answers to Five Commonly Asked Electrical Questions”

Too Many Cords? Tips for Organizing Them!

  With so many electronics, devices, and systems that require wires and electrical cords running through your house, your electrical cables are bound to turn into a disorganized mess. Besides being a huge headache when it comes time to move something or add something, that mess of cords can be a fire hazard as well! … Continue reading “Too Many Cords? Tips for Organizing Them!”

How to Lower Your Electric Bill

  Few people enjoy spending money unnecessarily. Many of us don’t realize it, but we spend money on our electrical bill that could have been saved by making a few simple changes. Reducing electricity usage has the added bonus of being good for the environment, and at the same time, saves you money! Tips to … Continue reading “How to Lower Your Electric Bill”

How to Know When It’s Time for a Wiring Upgrade

  Your home’s wiring is a vital component to its overall electrical system. Ignoring problems with your wiring can lead to dangerous consequences, such as electrocution or fire. You can also damage expensive electronics and appliances due to short circuits. Still, it isn’t always easy to know when your wiring needs to be repaired or … Continue reading “How to Know When It’s Time for a Wiring Upgrade”

Upgrading Your Lighting to Become More Energy Efficient

  An energy-efficient home has become the goal of nearly every modern homeowner. Lower costs, higher performance—what’s not to love? But how can you become more energy efficient? Lighting upgrades are commonly listed as one of the quickest and simplest methods of improving home efficiency, and this is for good reason. Want to know what … Continue reading “Upgrading Your Lighting to Become More Energy Efficient”