Too Many Cords? Tips for Organizing Them!


With so many electronics, devices, and systems that require wires and electrical cords running through your house, your electrical cables are bound to turn into a disorganized mess. Besides being a huge headache when it comes time to move something or add something, that mess of cords can be a fire hazard as well!

Organizing cords is a great way to simplify things and increase safety at home. From rerouting cords to covering wires and shortening cords, getting electrical cables safely in order doesn’t have to be a big job. Here are a few tips:

Label Cords

Part of the problem with electrical cords getting out of control is not knowing what goes where. A labelling system that identifies what cords go with what is the best way to keep electrical cables under control. When you know exactly what cord corresponds to the device, you may be more likely to keep the cords in order. Labels can be anything from a colored sticker to masking tape and marker.

Hide Cables

One of the best ways to simultaneously organize cords and improve the appearance of your space is to hide cables. Pipe insulation is an effective way to conceal all of your cables and it only takes a couple minutes of work. Take a piece of pipe insulation, cut it lengthwise, put the cords inside and pull the ends through the opening. This method is a simple, discreet, and effective way to get your cables in order.

Make a Cable Catcher

Since so many problems with electrical cables occur in the home, consider a system to hold and organize your assortment of cords. This will reduce the likelihood of inadvertently unplugging something of vital importance when you just wanted to unplug your phone charger.

As an example, all of those cords that are protruding off your desk can be easily contained with a basket. The basket can be mounted on the underside of your desk and can catch the cords from electronics and devices on your desk to keep things neater and more organized.

Wrap and Store Cords

When you are finished using cords or have a mess of cords laying around unplugged, consider wrapping and storing them. This is a simple solution that only requires a few minutes of work. You can use twist ties or paper towel tubes to organize and store the cords you don’t use. The best part of this is that when you need them, they come out tangle free and ready to plug in.

Hope these tips for organizing your cords are helpful!

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