What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out


Dealing with a power outage in your home can range from a minor inconvenience to a potentially dangerous situation. How you respond, how you handle the problem, and how well you’re prepared are all defining factors how an outage can affect you, your home, and your appliances. That’s why today we’re going to discuss the vital things you need to know when the power goes out.

How to Respond to a Power Outage

Outages are rarely, if ever, something you can expect to happen. They usually come without warning, either due to a storm or because of an issue with your power supplier. Because of this you need to know what to do. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Locate a source of information:If at all possible, you want to know how long to expect the outage to last, and what caused it. The best options are often radios and smartphones, which are a great way to gather information and report your outage.
  • Shut off your appliances:Your appliances are now dangerous, so shut them off. If the outage is caused by a storm or incident (downed lines, for example) then you want to shut down your power supply altogether. The resurgence of power caused by power reconnecting to your home can be dangerous, and can severely damage appliances. This is especially true if the power flickers repeatedly.
  • Avoid sources of water during storms: If there is severe weather and flooding, you want to avoid all puddles, pools, and sources of standing water. Exposed power lines and wiring can be lurking in these, and this is a very real and very dangerous threat against your life and health.
  • Respond effectively to the temperature:Keep in mind that you’ll be losing HVAC during this time, so if it is cold outdoors bundle up, and if it’s hot drink plenty of safe water (bottled, preferably).

How Can You Prepare for a Power Outage?

The following are two good ways to prepare in advance for power outages:

Surge protection devices: Power surges and fluctuations in power can do serious property damage, and can even pose some risks to personal health. To combat this, whole-home surge protectors and lightning arresters are a great way to prepare and protect your home.

Home portable and standby generators: Generators are one of the most ideal all-in-one solutions out there. They’re an investment, yes, but one that is worth it when it comes to convenience and safety. The best option lies in a whole-home system (equipped with an automatic transfer switch for instant power), but even a portable unit can help with food preservation and temperature control.

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