Why Circuit Breakers Trip and What to Do About It


Have you experienced circuit breakers tripping in your home, and you are not sure why? Circuit breakers can trip for a variety of reasons, including ground faults, short circuits, and overloaded circuits. No matter what underlying reason causes the circuit breaker to trip, you need to take steps to stop the problem soon.

Circuit breakers that trip can cause a lot of annoying excursions to the basement. Even worse, they can put your home in danger. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, there are steps you can take to make your home safer, as follows:

Unplug unnecessary appliances: Circuit breakers often trip because they get overloaded. For example, using two or more appliances at once may cause your kitchen’s circuit to trip. As a short-term solution, you can unplug unnecessary appliances to prevent tripping circuit breakers. You may still get some trips, but you can limit them by unplugging devices that you don’t need to use.

Keep track of which circuits trip: You may have a specific circuit that trips. If that’s the case, then you probably need to upgrade to a circuit that can handle more amps. Keep a pen and paper near your circuit breaker so you can keep track of which circuits trip. The information will help a professional decide how to solve your electrical problem.

Get help from a licensed electrician:It only takes one amp to cause severe pain. Anything greater than one amp will probably kill you. Most residential electrical boxes can handle 100 to 200 amps of electricity. In other words, you should not try to fix your circuit breaker! One mistake could literally kill you.

Avoiding Tripped Breakers

A circuit breaker that trips repeatedly, or trips again instantly after you reset it, signals that something more serious is present. Call a pro immediately if you experience regular circuit outages, detect a burning smell, or notice signs of deterioration, such as scorching, rusting, or corroding around your circuit breaker or main circuit breaker box. Ignoring electrical failure can result in fires and other home-threatening problems.

A circuit breaker that trips instantly when you reset it usually indicates that there is a short circuit somewhere in the system. This is a serious condition, and you should have an electrician examine the wiring and correct the situation. Leave the circuit breaker in the OFF position until the situation can be investigated and corrected.

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