Why You Need a Standby Generator for Your Home or Business

Why You Need a Standby Generator for Your Home or Business

Being prepared in the event of a power outage is a very valid concern, as severe summer and snow storms can create a loss of electrical service. In some cases, the outage may last for days or even weeks.

Anyone who has wished they had electricity when no power was available can appreciate the value of having a standby generator available for use. A generator is an essential backup power supply to use in the event of an emergency power outage in your home or business. Below are some reasons why you should consider the purchase of a standby generator for your home or business.

Backup Household Electrical Power

Having a backup source of power will keep food in the refrigerator fresh during a lengthy power outage. In addition, with a large enough generator and proper wiring, a household air conditioner or heater can be powered with a standby generator.

Power Backup for Small Businesses

Any business that would be significantly harmed by more than a few hours without electricity is a candidate for buying a standby generator as an emergency backup. For instance, small businesses, such as family restaurants, food shops, and other stores that rely on refrigeration could have inventories ruined by a power outage and could benefit from having a standby generator. For critical health care providers, a backup electricity source is vital, particularly to power life-saving machines for critical patients.

Considering a Standby Generator for Your Home or Business? Call the Experts!

Standby generators can be nice convenience, an essential business tool, or a life-saving power backup system. Buyers have a number of different reasons for purchasing a standby generator and getting the right generator for your needs is important.

Whether you have a home or business, FAB Electric and Generators is your source for standby generators.