Why You Should Use A Surge Protector


Most people assume that plugging their devices and equipment into a power strip will protect against surges. So, they plug countless gadgets into one outlet, not realizing that this is an accident waiting to happen. The only way to avoid disaster is to use a surge protector.

What happens when a powerful storm sweeps through the neighborhood and knocks all of the power out? If the storm is powerful enough and lightning was involved, there can be quite a bit of collateral damage. Daily essentials including the refrigerator, garage doors, the air conditioning, the HVAC system, and much more may not be able to function for weeks. But perhaps the most devastating part about storms like these is the irreparable damage.

There are some surges so powerful that even with restored power, electronic devices and equipment no longer work. And the worst part is, insurance may not cover the cost to replace these items. That’s why surge protectors are so important. This small investment can save thousands of dollars.

How Do Surge Protectors Work?

Surge protectors act as a middle man between the wall and the electrical device. Instead of flowing directly into the appliance, the electrical current flows from the wall to the surge protector. The surge protector then delivers these currents to the device. And whenever there’s a surge that’s too high, the extra voltage diverts to the protector’s grounding wire.

Three factors determine how efficiently a surge protector does its job, as follows:

  • The clamping determines at what voltage the diversion will start to kick in — the lower the energy, the better. The higher the voltage, the more likely the devices are to be damaged.
  • The energy rating determines how much power the protector can safely absorb.
  • The time in which the surge protector kicks in will regulate how long it takes for it to respond.

Choosing the Correct Surge Protector

When shopping for a surge protector, it’s important to remember that not all are created equal. So, it helps to focus on five major areas: the number of ports, the type of devices used, the energy rate and clamping voltage, the warranty, and extra features.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to inform yourself before starting a search for a quality protector. Read all of the fine print on the packaging. It’s definitely worth the time when one considers how much money it could save in the long run.

Get a Surge Protector Before It’s Too Late

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and we are more and more reliant on electronics by the day. So, it’s important to remember that these devices need to be taken care of– precisely when it comes to electrical storms and other natural disasters. This is why you should take all the necessary steps to protect your equipment before things are beyond your control. Protectors come in all shapes and sizes and many are built with extra features that can make their use convenient and seamless.

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